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Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday, February 13th  ooohhhh!

Well, that was a lonnnnng week, but its over and onto a 3 1/2 day weekend, Yay!!
We did a few fun things this week.  I think our 3rd graders really enjoyed themselves.

In Math we incorporated a little Science.  We learned about
liters and grams.  I had my students bring in 100 of something.
It had to fit into a ziploc bag.  We learned how to use a
triple beam balance scale and weigh them items.

 Then they had to complete a worksheet together as they did the

Thank you Mrs. Evert for helping us today!

We had a great Pep Rally on Wednesday for Champions for Christ.
This was a kick off to a wonderful fundraising event that the
kids are taking a huge part in.
Do you like our t shirts?  Each child got a F R E E t shirt to
wear on gym days and any other day they feel.  

My Goofy gang!

On Thursday We had a fun Math class using conversation hearts.  It was simple enough just to
be a "fun" activity.  It was called "Stack the Hearts"  I didn't make a worksheet or anything, but
I did have them write some things down in their math copybook.

 First, we estimated how many hearts were in the cup.  This we counted.   Then we added the totals of everyone at their table.  You could even subtract other table totals.  hmm.

Then we tried to stack the hearts in 5 trials.  The person who stacked the highest could win a prize.


And finally, we end our day with our Valentine exchange with classmates.  
<3  <3  <3

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday, FEBRUARY(finally) 2, 2015

Happy Groundhogs Day!
Did he see his shadow?  

These are some of the highlights of Catholic Schools Week.  Sorry for the delay...

On Fridays, I have something called Fun Friday
Math games.  While we are review several
concepts, the students are having fun playing 
math games.  

This game in the picture everyone is moving from station to station.  But this week
all the stations are similar.  They all review the concept of multiplication, 
but at each station, its a different table.  Ex. 4's

 Saw the idea on Pinterest.  I will look back and try to put the link in for others to use.

One of my favorite things to do when we are studying the phases of the moon.
I get a few bags of mini oreos.    This time everyone got 4 and we did the 
4 phases instead of 8.  
They get a plate and toothpick also.  They have to label the plate with 
the phases and then carve out the phase with the tooth pick .

 Aren't they great??

 And the best part is.....eating them at the end!!

Well look who came to visit us at SMM.  Mr. Abe Lincoln.  He was full of information 
for the students.  They even got to ask him questions at the end.  

Here he is posing with some of my students

Thursdays activity was AWEsome!!  It was movie day at SMM.
In the afternoon the students were lucky enough to have choosen a 
movie, and then go watch it in one of the "movie theaters".
Here they are holding up their tickets before they went
to the theater. 

moving through the halls to the movie theater

They were also lucky enough to have a dress down day for THON